July 20, 2006

Majority of Searchers Use Multiple Search Engines

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"The majority of Internet searchers use multiple search engines, according to a study by Nielsen//NetRatings. The finding shows the volatility of the search market as the major players intensify their competition for user loyalty.
The study found that 58 percent of Google searchers also visited at least one of the other top two search engines, Yahoo! and MSN Search. The use of multiple search engines also applies to Yahoo! and MSN searchers. Approximately 71 percent of Yahoo! searchers also visited one of the other top two engines, and 70 percent of MSN searchers also used one or both of the other two.


July 17, 2006

Optimum Marketing Solutions

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"How to Write Compelling Blog Posts
by B.L. Ochman
March 1, 2005
Writing blog posts and comments on blogs is actually very simple. The basic guidelines: keep your copy lively, factual, tight, clear, short and search engine optimized.

July 15, 2006

SB.L. Ochman’s weblog – Internet strategy, marketing, public relations, politics with news and commentary

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SEO optimization and blog stories – also has info about blogging for businesses.
Related Site:
Here is some online marketing info – http://whatsnextonline.com/advice.html

July 14, 2006

NEW Kolimbo

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this is an affiliate management site. It is where my Rich Dad affiliate program is run from and I may search for others here.
It also has some basic articles of tips for affiliate program websites.

July 13, 2006

ProBlogger: � What Google Never Told You about Making Money with Adsense – A Review – Helping Bloggers Earn Money

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What Google Never Told You about Making Money with Adsense – A Review – Helping Bloggers Earn Money
I want to check this book out…if problogger found it worthwhile…I probably would too.

July 12, 2006

Click Fraud — Bad News For Bloggers

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This is an article in Wired that discusses click fraud and the extent of the problem.
"If fraudulent clicks are not detected," Google went on to say, "the affected advertisers may experience a reduced return on their investment (and) could lead the advertisers to become dissatisfied with our advertising programs, which could lead to loss of advertisers and revenue."

July 10, 2006

Free Adsense Webtool

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"AdSense Web Tool
The AdSense Web Tool is useful for discovering what Google AdWords will be displayed on your site.
Google wants to display 'relevant, text-based, un-obtrusive Google AdWords ads' on your web pages.
Google says: 'Because the ads are related to what your users are looking for on your site, you'll finally have a way to both monetize and enhance your content pages.'"

from rivermoney.com

July 7, 2006


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use this service to ping the RSS services after you post a new listing on your site.
Don’t forget to add the xml service chicklets from feedburner.com


July 4, 2006

Increase Traffic to Your Blog from Search Engines – The Top 5 Tips

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“Lucrative Keyword Choices
A recent article in Information Week stated that the highest conversion rates from search engine traffic comes from people who do four word queries.
As long as there are new developments, new products, services and trends, you’ll never have a shortage of these terms if you learn how to discover them.
Keyword Placement
Your blog can be set up to repeat the keywords that you want to target just enough times to establish a theme.
You can take full advantage of this in your post titles, your category names, the pages URL names, or even a combination of Technorati tags and the text of your permanent links that appear after each post.
Timely Posting
Get Linked
Turn on your site feed(s) and use them to promote your blog. Robin Good’s guide can get you some great one way links.
If you sparingly include the lucrative keyword you selected in tip two in your title and description, all those link backs will contain the keyword term you most want attention for, which is often noted by the spiders as they follow the link through to your site.
Frequent Updates

July 3, 2006

Blogs Keep Internet Customers Coming Back

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"Blogs Keep Internet Customers Coming Back
Small Firms Find Tool
Useful for Recognition,
Connecting With Buyers
March 1, 2005; Page B8
When GreenCine Inc. launched an online journal two years ago, the San Francisco online DVD-rental company hoped that a steady diet of film reviews, festival dispatches and filmmaker interviews would energize its community of cinephiles, turn regulars onto new movies and attract more members.
It worked. The company's blog, GreenCine Daily, sparked a 20-fold rise in hits on the GreenCine Web site to about one million a month. Even better, films critiqued by the blog's two writers are often snapped up by renters. Despite little marketing, membership numbers and revenue have doubled in the past year."

story idea find and interview a small business that is using a blog and see what their results have been.

Here's an article from Microsoft on how to get started blogging your business:
Blog Your Businss

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