June 28, 2006

Tons of Top 10 Rankings Guaranteed

Posted in webmaster at 12:16 am by Jon Symons

“Simply fire up Wordtracker. (A subscription is about $8 for a day.) Start looking for related keywords by doing a search for a broad, general, generic keyword in your niche. Then drill down and dig up all the related ‘exact’ keyword phrases that have 9 or fewer competing pages. All that’s left is to optimize a page on your site for each one and presto chango! A top 10 ranking!
See? A surefire formula for guaranteed top 10 rankings. Brain dead simple too.
Now I call such search terms ‘orphan keywords’. Orphans because the search volume is so low they are all but ignored by the fat cats intent on landing the big fish — a.k.a. high rankings for terms that get hundreds of searches a day.
That fact makes these orphans super simple to rank in the top 10 for. Especially since many of the competing pages aren’t even optimized the least little bit.
But hold on. Let’s not high five all around just yet. There’s a tradeoff. As I suggested lack of competition is a sure sign such terms aren’t searched for often. Maybe no more than a mere handful of times each day in Google.
Okay so how do we make lemonade out of those lemons?
The best way to make this tactic work is to find a ton of these terms. And don’t worry. Most niches are loaded with orphan keywords. “
This is a very good article on how to use Wordtracker and reverse engineer your site to snag keyword orphans that the big guys don’t cater too.

Some keyword examples: Amelia Island, Free Grants, Law Office.


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