June 18, 2006

Google AdWords – Bid on More Keywords

Posted in webmaster at 9:00 am by Jon Symons

"Secret #1: The whole entire thing revolves around bidding on the right keywords!
Most new people will brainstorm a list of 10 or 20 or 30 keywords and bid on them. That's not nearly enough! If that's all you do, you'll only bid on the most expensive, obvious ones. And most of the time they'll be the WRONG keywords.
So for example if you sell hiking boots, you *might* want to bid on 'hiking boots' but… maybe not. A better strategy is to focus more narrowly and / or bid on all kinds of other variations people are searching on:

discount hiking boots
hiking boot review
men's hiking boots
merrell hiking boots
salomon hiking boots
vasque hiking boots
woman's hiking boot
womens hiking boots

You'll get more targeted visitors and cheaper clicks. There are hundreds of possible phrases. If you want 5 and 10 cent clicks, Google's own suggestion tool won't cut the mustard."
This is the best tool to use to find keywords. It will help you discover many that you never thought of.Wordtracker


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