June 14, 2006

What Could Your Company Do With a Blog?

Posted in webmaster at 10:28 pm by Jon Symons

"Is blogging just an overblown fad or a revolutionary new medium you can't afford to ignore? B.L. Ochman, noted Internet strategist, PR guru and influential blogger gives you straight talk about blogging. She gives you scores of examples of successful business blogs, advice on what to blog about and why, plus dozens of resources you can use immediately.
What could your company do with a blog?
Do you really need one?
Where should you start?
What should you blog about?
Who should do the writing?
Do you need technical skills?
Why do 60 percent of all blogs fail?
How can you build an audience for a blog? "

Story of all the ways a blog could be used by a business.


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  1. Amanda said,

    On the posts I looked through, it seems like you have a lot of good content, but you use a lot of quotes, and don’t mention where you got them from. I’d be interested in what type of sources you are using for your info 🙂

  2. bestarticles said,

    Hi Amanda,

    What happened is that I imported my old blogspot blog into wordpress.com and after a while I noticed that the links for the quotes [which in blogspot were on the story titles] didn’t get imported. In the meantime my blogspot blog…which was covered in comment spam, got deleted, so I can’t go back and get the links.

    Sorry about all that, my suggesting is to take the first sentence or so of the article and put it in Google with quotes around it and you’ll likely find the source straight away.

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