June 10, 2006

RE: How do I build a system?

Posted in webmaster at 10:37 pm by Jon Symons

"Ok, how to create a system…hmm..first just RUN the business, but keep notes. Keep a notebook by the cash register (or wherever) and write down what you do every day. Write down the problems and how you solved them. At the end of each week/month type it all into a document (or type it in directly daily) and you'll start to see common patterns & categories. Soon you'll have an employee manual/systems document. Optimally you want a Management doc. with policies and high level issues (i.e. problem employees, serious customer issues, legal responsibilities), an Asst. Mgt. doc. (How to open and close shop, how to deal with customer issues, when to escalate, how to maintain employee schedules) and an Employee manual (how to run the register, dress code, store policies, hours, terms of employment) Within 1 year most businesses will see all the issues they are going to see. There is still that odd problem that comes up, but you teach your employees when to escalate an issue to you. "
It's all about building a system…my way up to this point has been to succeed only through "heroic effort"…that is why I've never gotten rich. What I remember most about the Rich Dad book is the story of the town that needed water and the one guy carried it back and forth in buckets and the other built a pipeline… so far I've been a carrier.


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