May 30, 2006

Keyword Analysis – Choosing the Right Keywords

Posted in webmaster at 8:54 pm by Jon Symons

Are you taking the advantage of search engines to bring new visitors to your site? When designing a new page do you do a technical keyword analysis, and build the page for targeted keywords? I will be teaching you how to do proper Keyword Analysis for your web pages. Keyword analysis is much easier than it sounds, and it will help your site to increase its targeted visitors. Let’s start step by step.

Pick the Top-Level Keyword for your page

This is the smartest approach. Before getting into details, choose your most general, top-level keyword. Let’s choose a random topic website, and use the examples from that website for our article. Let’s say we have have decided to build an auction site similar to eBay. In this case, our top-leve keyword is "Auction" or "Auctions". Remember search engines treat singular and plural words seperately. So you have to have seperate plans for singular and plural keywords. There is not a tool in the market to help you to choose the top-level keyword. For very general topics like auctions, it is easy to define the top-level keyword, for more specific topics, try to choose the most general keyword as your top-level keyword. Ok, we have chosen our top-level keyword, and we are ready to start our analysis. Let’s start with vertical and lateral keyword analysis.

This is a really good article on how to design a page for specific keywords.


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