April 13, 2006

Will the Corner Store Need a Website?

Posted in webmaster at 12:32 pm by Jon Symons

this is from profitguide.com
“It’s going to push a whole new local market to take their Web presence more seriously,” says Gord Hotchkiss, president and CEO of Enquiro Search Solutions Inc. in Kelowna, B.C., a provider of search-engine optimization services. Companies don’t need their own Web presence to appear in Google Local’s listings, as long as they’re mentioned somewhere in its two sources of information: Google’s index of four billion Web pages, and the Yellow Pages. Still, owning a website offers the advantage of describing your product using terms people are likely to use in their searches rather than letting someone else define your offering.”
It think it’s true…if people start using google’s local the same way that they use the regular google then every corner store will need to have a web site. Customers will expect to look at the website and see if their favorite chips are in stock before they walk across the street.


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