April 2, 2006

How To Save on High Gas Prices

Posted in saving money at 3:27 am by Jon Symons

With high gas prices at the pump and summer just around the corner, consumers are looking for a way to win the battle in the high priced gas wars. There are several steps one can take in order to cut their reliance on gasoline and save money. The following are a few suggestions on how to start winning the gas wars.  

1.    Always avoid purchasing higher-octane gasoline than your car requires. Unless your car requires it, higher-octane gas is usually a waste of money.

2.    Keep your tires properly inflated. Check your tires frequently. This is the number one cause of poor gas mileage. With properly inflated tires you'll be a gas mileage saver.

3.    Consider purchasing steel-belted tires. They can significantly increase your gas mileage verses regular belted tires.

4.    Remove snow tires after the winter season (that is if your state still allows you to have snow tires). 5.    It is important to keep your car tuned up and in good repair. If your car is not in tune it will over use gasoline.

6.    Do not carry unnecessary items in your car. Every extra 200 lbs uses an extra mile of gas per gallon.

7.    If you are a member at Sam’s Club or Costco, purchase gas there whenever possible. You can save 10 cents a gallon or save 1 to 5 percent when you buy gas with their gas card.

8.    Do not let your car sit and idle. Running your engine wastes more gas than restarting your engine. Even in cold weather is a myth that you ever need to idle longer than 60 seconds.

9.    Purchase gas when it is cooler during the day. This will reduce gas evaporation.
10.    Do not over-fill your gas tank. Over-filling your gas tank causes gas to leak out and/or evaporate.
11.    If you have to travel, then rent fuel-efficient cars.
12.    Stop thinking bigger is better. We have turned into a society where we super-size everything, from our food to our houses to our cars. SUV’s although still the number one selling models are gas-guzzlers. Smaller cars a generally, more fuel-efficient.

These are some unique tips on how to save on gasoline.


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